Saturday, April 6, 2013

My visit to VMware HQ & Balance…

Recently I had the opportunity to visit VMware HQ and engage with multiple people including Pat Gelsinger (CEO).  The experience was incredible and I cannot thank VMware enough for giving me the opportunity to visit.  One piece that I really wanted to share was the VMware campus / lifestyle.  I often talk to my students about balance between life, work and technology.  The proper balance gives us personal and professional success, healthy lifestyles and true happiness.  This is a tough skill to master from an individual perspective and even harder from a corporate standard.

VMware is not simply a “green” company it is a corporate culture.    VMware is based on 100 acres of plush land that is alive.  It is very evident as soon as you arrive that this is not VMware’s buildings with a little bit of nature added.  Looking at the overhead pictures there is more nature on campus than VMware.  As you move through the campus you see and feel the openness and nature (even with a little rain).  We visited a small river that flows in the middle of the campus and contains ducks and the VMware turtles (we were told they all have “names” / the conference rooms were actually named after them, they have profiles on the internal SocialCast site, but no Twitter accounts - yet). 

When you visit any of the buildings you look around you will find recycled material for everything from the carpet and floors to the ceiling tiles and woodwork.  The atmosphere is open and inviting and encourages you to look beyond the traditional limitations.  The walls are not walls but windows allowing nature and ideas to come in.   Of course onsite there are multiple gyms and other amenities for staff but as was told to us by our guide outdoor walking meetings tend to be very popular. 

VMware corporate has a balance with nature and they have been able to ensure this balance extends to the staff there.  They have provided an environment where staff is encouraged to take that deep breath / walk your dog (yes dogs are allowed on campus) and innovate.  VMware is one of the leaders in technology, not because they have armies of people in cubicles coding but because they have balance.  From that comes the innovations that have changed the world of IT.



  1. Wow that of been nice to to see and experience it.

  2. This sounds like it would be a fantastic environment to work in! How amazing. Are you sure they didn't virtualize the entire experience for you? :) And outdoor walking meetings?! Do you think there are any organizations in the Midwest that have achieved this ideal level of balance? It really sounds inspiring. Very cool that you got to go.