Saturday, November 16, 2013

I don’t have time for…

In today’s IT world we are under extreme deadlines.  The companies we work for never slow down or stop growing.  In IT we are under constant pressure to learn the next thing or be left behind never being able to catch up.  We often put off things we want to do with family / friends because we need that next certification or we have to finish up work / on-call. 

There are many books / articles that can help you with this but to be blunt we are in IT and often times that “soft” stuff does not apply to us.  Well, it’s often said that we don’t see the brick wall until it’s right in front of us…well I think we (IT) have already hit the wall and we just don’t know it yet.

Some folks will argue as professionals of course we know when we hit the wall so let me get back and just finish this last thing.  Well at that point they have already hit the wall and are starting to push against it.  I am sure everyone has heard someone say “I don’t have time for…”  Yes we blame time for us not having enough time for everything. 

This may come as a shock but we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  Just because we are in IT doesn’t mean we get any more or less than others.  Now how we choose to use those hours is up to us, we can use them for work, education, family or friends.  That is where balance comes in…we already spend 8 hours a day at work and 8 hours sleeping, where do we put the other 8 hours? 

For me three years ago I lost my mother to heart disease, it was at that time I realized I was not in balance with work, education, family and friends.  They say it normally takes a life changing event such as a death or divorce to change people…as we are pretty smart in IT I hope that is not the case and we can find that balance before it’s too late…